We customize

your messages

and transform them into video!

Through our platform you will be able to provide personalized communication to your and share any type of information: dates, costs, descriptions, and much more.

Explore the benefits of integrating tailored videos to turn data into insights and insights into profits.


of integrating Mi Video into your communication strategies

  • Reduce time in making strategic and tactical decisions
  • In video campaigns created, analyze results in real time that will the adoption of corrective actions in order to improve.
  • Personalize messages and offers to improve customer experience and thus increase their loyalty.

Mi Video is a platform designed to enhance and help, on a digital and strategic basis, companies from different industries and countries.

We produce personalized videos for each client and provide unique experiences that allow us to maintain a closer and more trusting relationship.

This is how we work in Mi Video

We create and present your goals

Communication needs are established with the client and the ideal personalized video is created.


Video development

A renowned team will design creativity, animation, and data centralization.


Completion and delivery

Posting and delivery of the personalized video.


Mi Video - A comprehensive platform

Interactive buttons

We transform user experiences. We generate buttons with links to other sites (payment gateway, detailed information of a plan, service acquisition, among others) within the video playback.

We customize audios

We manage to generate differentiation; we make unique audio for each final customer, thus generating a differentiation in communication. We customize names, service descriptions, dates, products, and much more.

Custom Graphics

In Mi Video, creativity and the way to display data is very important. For this reason, we create appropriate graphics that lead to an attractive visualization of data required by our client.

Data Animation

The selected data are presented through animation, generating effectiveness and clarity on the information you want to display.

Ready to get started with Mi Video?

Why Mi Video in your business?


In the continuous search to understand your final consumer, you will optimize efforts, be more efficient and reduce expenses.

Alignment of business objectives

The real need of your target audience can be highlighted with digital format. It will also allow you to make decisions that will later make an effect on your end user.

Data volume

Sound management of collected data is key in the process. This will allow you to create audience models that include all the necessary variables to take advantage of that information.

Better communication experiences

You will be able to generate interest with key, accurate, and empathetic content.

Customer loyalty

You will build fans who talk about your brand.

Customers who achieved goals

The goal of this project was to reduce, in three months, approximately 25% of the calls made to the Customer Service area due to 'explanation of invoice data'. This represented an optimization of costs in the investment to Call Center.

The outcome

  • Delivery of more than one million videos per month
  • Invoice processing for more than 10 types or customer profiles
  • 11 million records processed each month

Important data!


Did you know that using videos on landing pages is a good practice, as this allows you to increase conversions by almost 86%.

Web Sites

Video formats with relevant content are 50 times more likely to motivate organic searches.

Visual elements

Internet users claim that visual elements are the most important content format for their companies.


64% of internet users are more likely to make an online purchase after watching a video.


According to some studies, people can remember almost 65% of visual content they see after three days.


By 2021, videos will represent 82% of all IP traffic